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High 5 is baked in the tradition of European Master Bakers, the origin of the world's finest bread. Made from the finest selected ingredients and baked to a unique European recipe, High 5 has the balance of 5 main nutrients with no artificial preservatives that our body needs that give us the energy, growth and good health to live a full life.

Wholesome, well-balanced and nutritious, that's the secret recipe of High 5 bread. High 5 bread is freshly baked everyday from state-of-the-art single largest stand-alone bakery line in ASEAN using a unique European Recipe that makes your favourite bread softer, tastier and healthier.


It contains all of the five essential nutrients from each of the five important nutritional groups - carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamins and irons. It also has folic acid, which is recommended for vitality and growth of our body, especially for expecting mothers and babies; and is cholesterol and bromate free for good health.
The High 5 Promise - Soft & Tasty high quality bread which emphasizes good health and nutrition. High 5 bread is produced by integrating state-of-the-art food processing technologies with professional management techniques. High 5 cares to give you the best in bread, beginning with our Unique European Recipe, so from taste to texture, consumer can tell the difference in every bite. That's why every High 5 bread has essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious diet for the whole family
High 5, truly "Simply The Better Bread".
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